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What is the Canada Dental Care Plan?

In early 2022, the federal government announced its plans to create a national dental program, the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP). The government committed to:
– providing coverage for children under the age of 12 from uninsured low- and middle-income families by the end of 2022
– including under-18-year-olds, seniors and people with disabilities in 2023, and
– rolling out the program to all eligible Canadians by 2025.
The CDCP will be available to families with an annual income of less than $90,000, with no co-pays for those with an annual income under $70,000.The federal government is working on the details of how to run the CDCP, but announced that it will be administered by Health Canada, with support from a third-party benefits administrator.In the March 28 federal budget announcement, A Made-In-Canada Plan, the estimated cost of the CDCP has been adjusted to $13 billion over five years, an increase from the original estimate of $5.3 billion when the program was first announced. In addition, an ongoing amount of $4.4 billion is budgeted for Health Canada to cover the plan’s implementation costs.

Benefits of Canada Dental Care Plan

With the Canada Dental Care Plan, you can enjoy a range of benefits that ensure your oral health is well taken care of. From affordable treatments to personalized care, we prioritize your dental needs.

Discounts on Dental Care

Affordable treatments that fit your budget

Personalized care tailored to your needs

Experienced and compassionate dental team

Convenient appointment scheduling for your convenience

State-of-the-art dental technology for precise and effective treatments

Comprehensive dental services for all your oral health needs

A healthy smile that boosts your confidence and overall well-being

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions and concerns about our dental care plan.

Are applicants covered by provincial & territorial programs still eligible for the interim CDB?

Yes. We know that provincial and territorial programs do not cover dental care needs for children under 12 equally across Canada, and that in some cases, the programs focus only on emergency needs.Children under 12 who are currently covered by provincial or territorial programs are still eligible for the interim Canada Dental Benefit so long as they have out-of-pocket costs for dental care services—costs which are not reimbursed under another federal, provincial or territorial government program—and if their family meets all of the criteria to qualify for the benefit.Families should apply to their provincial or territorial program first (if applicable), and then, if there are remaining out-of-pocket costs that were not reimbursed by their province or territory, they can apply to the Canada Dental Benefit. However, families whose needs are met by their provincial or territorial programs and do not have out-of-pocket costs are not eligible for the benefit and should not apply.It’s important that I see the dentist, but I can’t afford to.

Should I wait until I’m eligible for the CDB or CDCP to go to the dentist?

Don’t delay treatments or your dental appointments!We understand some people are thinking of delaying dental care or rethinking their benefit coverage, hoping the costs will be covered by the Plan.It’s better to continue getting regular dental checkups now to catch problems before they become painful and expensive to treat, and apply for the plan when you are eligible to do so.

What options do I have?

It’s very important to have an open dialogue with your dentist. Your dentist might be able to set up treatment and payment options that work with your financial situation. Talk to them to see what can be done to help.

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